Food Grade Potable Water Hose | White Nitrile/PVC Blend FDA | Steel Helix | -40°F to 180°F | 2″ ID, 150 PSI – Part #F011116-200

Food Grade Potable Water Hose | White Nitrile/PVC Blend FDA | Steel Helix | -40°F to 180°F | 2″ ID, 150 PSI – Part #F011116-200

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White Nitrile/PVC Blend FDA






-40°F to 180°F

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If you’re running a business that deals with potable water, you’re in luck! Our top-of-the-line industrial product, the F011116-200, is here to make your life easier. FDA-approved and made of a high-quality Nitrile/PVC blend, this tube is ready for all your food and beverage needs. Its reinforced textile material and steel helix make it super reliable and able to withstand immense pressure.

Not only that, but it’s designed to last in even the most challenging environments, with a burst ratio (safety factor) of 03:01:00. This stalwart of a product has an ID of 2 inches and an OD of 2.48 inches, and can withstand up to 150 psi of pressure. And with the ability to handle temperatures ranging from -40°F to an impressive 180°F, this tube is truly ready for anything you throw its way.

The F011116-200 is particularly favourable for businesses dealing with potable water as it guarantees that water and other potable fluids won’t become contaminated, so you can rest easy knowing that your fluids are safe with the use of our product.

Easy to install and perfect for a wide range of applications, F011116-200 is the perfect addition to any food or beverage business looking for a safer and more efficient way to handle their materials. Invest in the F011116-200 today and enjoy the benefits of a superior construction and durable materials product. Let it make your operations more efficient and effective!

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