FTS2103-500 Heavy-Duty Food Suction and Discharge Hose, White Nitrile Tube FDA Approved, 5″ ID, 250 PSI, -25°F to 230°F Temperature Range

FTS2103-500 Heavy-Duty Food Suction and Discharge Hose, White Nitrile Tube FDA Approved, 5″ ID, 250 PSI, -25°F to 230°F Temperature Range

This heavy-duty food suction and discharge hose is designed for use in food service where oil resistance is required. White Nitrile tube meets FDA requirement for the transfer of oil and water based food products. Produced on chrome mandrels for smoothest tube finish in FDA applications.

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White Nitrile/PVC Blend FDA






-25°F to 230°F

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Welcome to the FTS2103-500 – the perfect heavy-duty food suction and discharge hose that revolutionizes your industrial processes while prioritizing safety and reliability. This hose is designed to cater to all your food service applications, where oil resistance is essential.

Our top-quality hose is compatible with both oil-based and water-based food products. The FTS2103-500 is reinforced with a white Nitrile tube emphasized to meet the FDA requirements. You can trust that this hose meets all safe transportation guidelines to transport your food products efficiently.

One of the remarkable features of the FTS2103-500 is that it is produced on chrome mandrels. Due to the smooth finish, this FDA application tube provides uncompromised, safe transit, ensuring that food products arrive at their final destination efficiently. To add to the outstanding quality of this product, we have included a textile reinforcement system that adds durability and longevity to the hose.

Flexibility is a quintessential quality that makes the FTS2103-500 a must-have item in your industrial plant. Our hose’s steel helix lends enhanced flexibility, making it a versatile option for any industrial setting. It can also handle extreme temperatures of up to -25°F to 230°F, making it a reliable product for those who work in various settings. The 5-inch ID and 5.72-inch OD provide ample space to transport food products safely while maximizing its capacity.

We understand that safety is a priority in all industrial plants. For this reason, we have optimized the maximum pressure rating to 250 psi along with a burst ratio of 04:01:00. You can invest in this product and be confident in the durability and safety it delivers.

In conclusion, investing in the FTS2103-500 is exactly what you need to take your industrial operations to the next level. With its exceptional flexibility, efficient, and safe transportation capabilities, this hose will transform your food service applications. Don’t wait any longer and take advantage of this incredible product today!

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