Industrial Wire Braided Air Hose for Compressed Air Service – 0.75″ ID, 600 PSI Pressure, Ozone and Abrasion Resistant

Industrial Wire Braided Air Hose for Compressed Air Service – 0.75″ ID, 600 PSI Pressure, Ozone and Abrasion Resistant

This heavy duty wire reinforced air hose with a pin pricked cover is specifically designed for use in compressed air service in industrial, construction, drilling and mining applications. The ozone and abrasion resistant cover holds up to the toughest applications.

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Black NBR




-22°F to 180°F

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Our new high-performance wire reinforced air hose is here, ready to take on the toughest conditions in a variety of industrial and construction settings. This impressive heavy-duty air hose is built to be a reliable tool for compressed air service in various challenging environments, from construction sites to mining applications and more.

One of the most notable features of our wire reinforced air hose is its unique design that sets it apart from other options on the market. The hose boasts an ozone and abrasion-resistant pin pricked cover that makes it tough enough to withstand the harshest applications. With its black NBR tube, this high-pressure air hose can take on even the roughest industrial conditions without breaking down.

The wire braid reinforcement also adds some extra muscle to our air hose, boosting its strength and durability for use in high-pressure applications. Speaking of pressure, this air hose has a pressure rating of 600 PSI, but boasts an incredible burst ratio (safety factor) of 04:01:00.

To make things even better, our wire reinforced air hose is incredibly versatile, with a temperature range of -22°F to 180°F. This feature makes it an excellent choice for use in varying temperature environments. Plus, with a 0.75-inch ID and 1.1-inch OD, this air hose has a bend radius of just 6 inches, making it easy to maneuver around tight spaces.

You’ll find our wire reinforced air hose as part of our High-Pressure Air product range, specifically under the category of Wire Braided Air. Its part number is 5002103-075, which customers can use to find the product with ease. With its impressive features like Black NBR, WIRE BRAID, -22°F to 180°F, 0.75 inches, 1.1 inches, 600 PSI, 04:01:00, and 6, this product is sure to meet and even surpass your expectations.

It’s time to invest in a high-quality wire reinforced air hose that can handle the most demanding industrial applications. Trust us when we say that our air hose is a must-have for anyone seeking durability and reliability in compressed air services. Give your next project the boost it needs with our top-of-the-line air hose.

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